Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Alternative Treatments Used for Managing Mood Swings (part 1 of 2)

Alternative treatments are some of the more popular techniques used to manage mood swings.  Although many patients are able to handle their condition through medications and traditional therapy, others try to seek out other means to deal with their mood swings.  So how do alternative treatments measure against more traditional ones and which ones are currently being used?  Here are some of them:

The emotions associated with mood swings can often be relieved or managed with aromatherapy.  This is a very popular alternative treatment that helps promote relaxation and calm.

Certain herbs, oils and scents have been used for centuries to treat mood swings.  These include lavender, lemon, orange and peppermint.  These scents have been known to affect the moods of individuals, allowing them to relax, thus preventing extreme changes in mood and behavior.

Herbal and homeopathic remedies
Herbal treatments have been traditionally used as alternative treatments for many centuries.  They can come in a variety of forms, including drinks and supplements.  People who have suffered from mood swings have had some success with certain herbal alternative treatments, such as teas, vitamins and other forms of nutritionals.

Diet changes
Diet plays a huge part in the overall wellbeing of all individuals.  Certain foods, for example, can produce reactions that could lead to mood swings.  These include refined sugar, caffeine, rancid and fried foods.  Conversely, the lack of certain foods in the regular diet could also produce deficiencies that could lead to extreme changes in a person's emotions.

Sugar, for example, is a common culprit when it comes to mood swings.  Sugar is notorious for causing feelings of bliss because once ingested into the body, it triggers the production of certain hormones.  These hormones then promote the general feeling of elation.

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