Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Collateral Damage: Suicide and Economic Recession (part 2 of 2)


In the Philippines back in 2007, an 11 year old girl ended her life because of poverty.  In her suicide note, she wished that her parents will have a stable job and that her siblings would be able to go to school regularly.  This incident drew attention towards the poverty programs the government has in the country.

Governments and concerned institutions globally are taking steps to address this issue.

An example would be the steps being undertaken by the Japanese government.  Some new measures are changing work patterns to allow more flexibility and funding early detection and treatment programs.

The Japanese government are also providing better mental health counselling at the workplace, networks of community psychiatrists and public campaigns to raise the awareness of the problem. Telephone hot line services are also readily available. There is a new software being developed to filter out websites that promote group suicides.
Australia, in Asia-Pacific, is the first country to initiate the prevention of web based suicide groups.

Aside from government efforts, there are personal ways you can do to help a suicidal person:

1. A suicidal person is carrying a burden that they can’t handle anymore. Listening is important.

2. Be sympathetic, non- judgemental, patient, calm and understanding.

3. Avoid trying to offer quick solutions by belittling the person’s feelings.

4. Dealing with a suicide threat is stressful.  Seek assistance o decompress afterwards.

5. If personal efforts fails, don’t blame yourself. It is the person’s choice. It is wise to ask for grief counselling and suicide survivor support groups.

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